Review: Etude House Look At My Lips in Paparazzi Coral

I have a confession to make. I’m a closet lip product addict. Yep, I don’t often wear lip products but I am obsessed with lip products.

Anyway, today’s review will be about Etude House’s Look At My Lips in #9, Paparazzi Coral.


This is the packaging of the lipstick, I can’t remember if it came with a box or not but I think that’s irrelevant :)) Anyway, I’m not too crazy about the packaging, I like that it’s silver but I think it could be a little bit better.


(Excuse the state that my lipstick is in)

The lipstick is a light coral color with really fine gold shimmer in it. I like it because it smells nice, it doesn’t smell like your typical lipstick. It’s also very creamy when you apply it, so you might have a little trouble getting an even application.


I’m gonna share a quick tip for you guys, whenever you’re at the mall and you want to swatch a lipstick, don’t swatch it on your lips because that’s just gross, who knows where that lipstick has been! Instead, swatch it on your finger, because its texture is close to the texture of your lips and you can bring it close to your lips to see if you like the color. It’s less gross that way!


I only have one complaint about this product. It has a tendency to make your teeth look yellow! Granted, I don’t have perfectly white teeth but it definitely brings out the yellows more 😦

Staying power is good, I used this during our baccalaureate mass and after the mass and all the picture taking was done, it was still there albeit a bit more faded.


  • Packaging is okay.
  • It smells nice!
  • Staying power is good.
  • Relatively cheap, about Php400 – 500 (I can’t really remember)
  • Goes on creamy
  • Application may be a little troublesome.

I’d definitely buy a lipstick from this line again if it’s still available. I want to get my hands on #11 and #12!


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