Missing Cat and A Review of Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer & Dear Darling Tint

Hello my dears, I hope you guys are having a better day or week than I had. I’ve been busy with real life, and just last night, I found out that our cats got out of the house and only Luna came back home. Artemis is still missing and I cried buckets of tears when I found out, I’m still really sad about it. I can’t help but think that someone already took him, even though he has a collar 😦

I mean, who wouldn’t want this handsome cat?


Artemis, I hope you come home soon, if someone already took you and refuses to give you back, I hope they take good care of you.

I’m praying that he just turns out of the blue and comes home already, his sister, Luna, is also miserable without him, she was wailing and crying all night and has been attached and snuggled up to me at least 90% of the time 😦

Anyway, on to the reviews! I know I purchased these months ago and I’m only reviewing them now (such a horrible blogger)


This is Etude House’s Surprise Essence Concealer in #2 and Dear Darling Tint in #3.

I’ll review the concealer first:


The concealer has a doe foot applicator and I find that the problem with it is that it gets too much product (or maybe it’s the way I use it?). I don’t use the applicator directly onto my face, what I do is I roll the applicator on the back of my clean hand and then warm it up a bit before using it. Totally hygienic and you have a bit more control over how much product you want to apply!

I also like the texture because it’s creamy and easy to blend but as with most concealers, this also creases.

However, as much as I would love to love this product, it just doesn’t give me the coverage that I need for my under eye circles and it’s not long lasting.


  • Okay product if you don’t have terribly dark under eye circles.
  • Applicator isn’t really hygienic
  • Cheap, it’s about PhP300+

I’m still on the lookout for an awesome concealer. What concealer are you using?

Onto the Dear Darling Tint:



Excuse my dry hands, I swear they are all better now! Moving on, the Dear Darling Tint #3 comes with a doe foot applicator as well, and has a gel like consistency.

I first saw this on my friend’s lips and it looked absolutely gorgeous on her! So naturally, I went out and bought it XD

The #3 is a reddish-orange shade that looks beautiful on paler girls. A word of advice though, use only a little bit, because when you go overboard, the orange tones are much more present and personally, on the lips, it looks like you ate some cheese flavored chips.

As a cheek tint, it lasts for almost a day, the color fades but there is still a hint of color. On the lips, it lasts me half a day since I tend to eat and lick my lips a lot (horrible habit, I know)


  • Good product
  • Staying power is good
  • Smells like candy!
  • Cheap, retails for about PhP300 or less
  • Who doesn’t love a multipurpose product?

And I leave you with a photo that was taken at 6AM, a few weeks ago. I used the Surprise Essence Concealer for the under eye area and the Dear Darling Tint for the cheeks and lips.


Until next time!


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