Nail polish haul

Ha! I am on a roll! I am back with another post, and I am have a few more items to photograph and review. So hopefully, I am able to finish them soon!

Anyway, we all know that I am a nail polish addict. And just this week was the most that I bought. I got about 10 over the course of 3 days I think? Anyway, I’ll be showing 8 since the last 2 I just got yesterday.


The first two is a local brand, OMG or Oh My Golly in Citrine and Opal.

ImageThe second one is actually a gift from my boyfriend. Orly’s After Party.


Next two is OR202 and BE103 from Etude House.

ImageThe last batch is from a Korean Brand which I got online. In the colors (L-R) 121,042, 068, 028, 086.

Plus the last two I got was from Forever 21 in the shades Mint and Seafoam.

It’s quite a lot in a week, hopefully I’ll be able to swatch and review them, but just getting through all these nail polishes will take ages! Let’s hope for the best 🙂

What are your addictions?

Ciao, loves!


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