Review: Etude House Surprise Concealer Kit

Hi loves, I am back with a review for you guys. I can’t believe I forgot to post this!

Today I’ll be reviewing Etude House’s Surprise Concealer Kit.

So it comes in this nifty little compact:

ImageImageWhen you open it, you have a mirror and the concealer and brightener.


There you go, a peach colored one (corrector) and a yellow one (brightener). This would have been ideal, but I think the brightener is too light, especially for some people. Heck, even I find it to be too light.

What I love about this product is that it’s a corrector and a brightener. I remember watching one of xteeener’s videos (watch her! she’s amazing) and I think she mentioned that it’s better to use a peach or salmon colored concealer to help neutralize the dark under eye circles. Basically, under eye circles look dark, black/blue so the peach/salmon color would help neutralize it, then you LIGHTLY add the brightener.


Okay, onto the review. The corrector is extremely creamy and moisturizing. I find that it helps avoid creasing on the under eye area; plus, a little goes a long way, three small dots is more than enough, besides, you can always add a little more if you’re not satisfied with the coverage. It’s easier to add more than take it away (my basic rule when it comes to makeup).

As for the brightener, it is considerably less creamy compared to the corrector, but still creamy enough, and like it’s partner, a little goes a long way.

The product itself has a typical makeup scent to it, nothing too strong, unless you really are trying to smell the product.

However, I do find that it only lasts me until midday, but the insane heat and humidity in our country might be the culprit. Makeup just melts off like crazy around here.

Also, there’s only one “kit” for concealer and the color isn’t for everybody.. It’s a shame really, since it’s such a nice product.


With SCK / Without SCK

Can you see the difference? The other looks a bit more awake and lighter. This was taken under natural light, no makeup, except for the concealer on one under eye. The only editing done was to crop and watermark. You can even see my craptastic eyebrows in its natural state lol!

It’s a good product that I am willing to use until I find my HG concealer, it does its job and it’s cheap too!


  • Good product (I’m still searching for my HG concealer though!)
  • Doesn’t crease
  • Moisturizing (yay!)
  • No color selection
  • Cheap, about Php398/$9-10

Would I repurchase? Probably not. Since I’m still on the look out for my HG Concealer :p

Until next time, ciao loves!


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