Nails Of The Day + Review: OMG Citrine

Well, not really nails of the day, more like, nails of the week.

For this week I decided to go with OMG’s Citrine. I first saw this particular nail polish from a friend’s instagram account months ago and in a different color too, but it was only recently that I found a store that sells them near my office. And it was a little pricey too! At Landmark, this retails for less than Php20/$0.50! I got it for about Php30/$0.70.

ImageCitrine is a crystal sand nail polish by OMG by Klik. From the name itself, crystal sand, it’s a textured (sand) nail polish that dries to a sort of matte finish. The color is a bright orange-y red with lots of red and pink (?) glitters.


It’s so sparkly and glittery. It’s absolutely ridiculous and gorgeous at the same time.

The formula of this nail polish is really good, it goes on well and with this particular line, I find that the nail polish dries fast. I could’ve gotten away with one coat but since I’m so used to always doing a minimum of two coats, that’s what I did.


I normally dislike glitter nail polishes because they are such a pain in the ass to remove (hello foil method!), but with this one, I find that it’s quite easy to remove. Just soak a cotton in nail polish remover, preferably one with acetone, hold it on your nail for a few seconds and pull off with a bit of effort.


Base coat, 2 coats of Citrine, Top coat (Shot under natural light)


  • Great nail polish
  • Cheap! Prices range from less than Php20/$0.40-Php40/$0.
  • Good color pay off
  • Dries quick
  • Toulene and DBP Free

I will most probably get all the other colors, since I only got 2.  However, I will be buying it at Landmark instead because I found out that it is MUCH cheaper there.

Go loves, go out and buy it! :p



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