DIY: Personalized Phone Charger

Hello everyone! I am here today with a DIY for you guys. I recently upgraded (finally!) my phone, and seeing how everyone in the house uses the same cable and charger, I decided to personalize mine to avoid confusion.

It’s such a simple DIY project but I am so in love with the results!

For this project, you will need:

  • Nail polish color of your choice
  • Top Coat (Quick dry or not)
  • Magic tape or painter’s tape

How to:

  • Tape off areas you wouldn’t want to get paint on, especially around the cable, you wouldn’t want to get paint on the connectors.
  • Start painting thin layers until you are happy with the color/opacity
  • Let dry for a few minutes and top off with top coat
  • Let dry overnight

And here are the results:



Doesn’t it look so pretty?



I am utterly in love with the color ❤

So as you can see, I actually painted the ends of the cable, I thought it looked kind of weird to only have a part of it painted. Also, in case you were wondering, I used a local brand of nail polish, OMG Crystal Sand in Emerald. I specifically bought this color for this project and I fell in love with it. It’s less than Php20 and it is such a pretty color. I topped off the adapter with a flakie from the same brand, just because I am obsessing over flakies right now and then I topped it with Orly’s Sec N Dry to smooth it out and to help it dry faster..

I also painted the plastic wrapping that comes with the cable, since it is transparent, and I use it to keep my cable tangle free.

You could use some glue and loose glitter for this, but for practicality’s sake, I think it is much more easier and cheaper to just use nail polish, there’s also less clean up to do afterwards,

Well, that is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this simple DIY project and I will see you guys soon ❤


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