Review: Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 10 Natural Radiance Foundation

I should probably stop saying that I’ll try to post more often because that never happens, haha! But I am here today with a foundation review and I am also drafting a few posts so that I’ll be able to hopefully post a bit more in the coming weeks.

What has happened this past week? Well, we were in the middle of a typhoon, no electricity, water, telephone and internet for 5 days! We got our electricity back last Saturday but other areas still don’t have any power or water. Yeah, not good at all. Hopefully all power gets restored and sorted out soon since we have another typhoon on the way.

Okay, so today’s focus will be on the Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation.

P1100206A light-reflecting, hydrating foundation that perfectly combines mineral and plant ingredients to create a naturally radiant complexion. The unique blend of ingredients continuously hydrates and protects the skin resulting in an incredibly comfortable, beautifully radiant and perfectly even complexion. Satin finish – Medium coverage – All skin types.

I got this in the shade 103 Ivory which, if I’m not mistaken, is the lightest shade in this line. This review took quite some time because I tested out the product for a couple of weeks on/off so that I could give it a proper review.

What I like about it is the packaging. It’s sleek and sturdy and it has a pump (hallelujah!). Most foundations do not have a pump which bugs the crap out of me because most of the time, I end up pouring more than I need. Another thing that I like about it? The scent. Man, it smells great! I can’t describe how it smells like but its good. Trust me. This doesn’t have that typical foundation smell; you won’t smell it on your face but if it’s on the back of your hand, you’ll smell it. That’s what I like about Clarins foundations, they smell really good.

Clarins claims that this is a medium coverage foundation that is suitable for all skin types and I have to disagree with that. It’s a sheer to medium coverage foundation that suits dry skin better. Its hydrating and makes your skin look radiant when you’re using it so dry skinned gals can benefit from it more than us oily skinned girls. When I use it, it doesn’t really give my skin that radiant, dewy look, it just makes my skin look oilier than it actually is, I just tend to powder over it or get rid of excess oil by pressing a one ply tissue all over my face. It works and makes foundation last a bit longer.

Like I mentioned, coverage is sheer. It evens out the skin tone but it doesn’t completely cover or blur imperfections or spots. However, it is buildable so what I do is I take a bit more foundation and layer it over areas where I’m spotty so that my foundation doesn’t look caked on.

P1100207 copy

I’m a little wary about a couple of things though. First, the SPF, it has SPF 10. On one hand, the low SPF means that you won’t have that white cast in your photos but if you’re worried about sun protection, this may not be enough. According to dermatologists, you should be using at least SPF 15 for adequate protection. I don’t worry about this since I use a sunblock of at least SPF 30 for the face, on a side note, you should be generous in applying sunblock since that is the only way you’ll be getting the full protection of the SPF.

Another is the wear time, I live in a tropical country where it’s humid 99% of the time and the average temperature is 30C when it’s not summer. I find that this stays on for about 4 – 5 hours, depending on where I am. If I’m at the office or somewhere with an air conditioner, it tends to last longer, but when I’m outside it tends to wear off faster. I guess it has more to do with the climate rather than the foundation itself.


  • Sleek packaging
  • Smells nice
  • Better suited for dry skinned people
  • Mid-range, priced at Php 1,365 / $30 for 30mL
  • Limited shade selection
  • Low SPF
  • Gives radiant, dewy finish
  • Hydrating

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best foundation for my skin type (oily) but I do think that this will work wonders on dry or normal skin type. I tried this foundation on my friend and it looked absolutely gorgeous on her. I say give it a try or ask for a sample if you have dry or normal skin 🙂

Until my next post! ❤


2 thoughts on “Review: Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 10 Natural Radiance Foundation

    • I absolutely love this foundation, unfortunately this doesn’t work on my oily skin unless I use a mattifying primer. I’m glad that it works well for you! Much love ❤

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